Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“8 weeks in and already seeing a huge change!!

Tamsin is fantastic: flexible, supportive and motivating.  My workout is tailored for me and my post baby situation (I had SPD and am breastfeeding) and each week the training builds from the last.  With Tamsin’s guidance I’ve made huge progress towards my goals (inch loss, weight loss and energy gain).  I never thought I’d say it but I’m finding the workouts fun and really enjoyable.

I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for PT.”

Louise, Programme Manager and Mum of 1


“PB Health and Fitness has made a real difference to my confidence!!  Tamsin makes fitness personalised to the individual and each session is tailored to your needs.  Tamsin makes me feel good when I’m training and the goals we set out together are realistic yet challenging!!”

Tiffany, Deputy Manager


“I started personal training with Tamsin in May 2017. I have an hour’s session once a week. She is an excellent trainer and has given me the confidence to get back into exercise following having children. I have progressed hugely in my fitness and coordination as a result of our weekly sessions.

The sessions are tailored to my abilities and each week is stretching compared to the last. The sessions are not only great exercise, but also fun and therapeutic!

Tamsin is great at motivating me and I enjoy our time together. I would recommend personal training with Tamsin to anyone, especially those who don’t know how to get started.”

Hazel, Analyst and Mum of 2


“Thank you Tamsin for training me. I can honestly say you are simply the best.  You have never made me feel a failure or a nuisance and I reached my goals without realising or continually being reminded of them.  

It is a unique service that you offer and I shall be training with you well into the future.  The mobile one-to-one training is an amazing idea and is so helpful if you are busy.”

Stephanie, Residential Care Home Managing Proprietor 


“I started my course with Tamsin at Personal Best Health and Fitness in March 2017.  She was extremely easy to speak to about my goals and what I hoped to achieve.  All the ‘scary’ bits (weighing, measuring etc) were far easier with a female PT and it felt very relaxed. 

Tamsin encouraged me all the way, and as each session progressed I felt I was slowly making improvements.  We completed a variety of different workouts in different settings and weather!  I always felt motivated because Tamsin is so positive! 

I’m pleased to say I completed my course in June 2017 having achieved lower blood pressure, reduced measurements and a slight weight reduction.  But most of all I feel fitter and I am much more motivated to continue my running, HIIT workouts and strength training.  Thank you Tamsin – highly recommended!”

Becky, Civil Servant and Mum of 2


“Having not run since school, Tamsin has skilfully supported me to complete a 10k after 5 months.  Our weekly PT sessions have played a critical part in enabling me to identify my personal goals, stay on track, and create an exercise plan that provides enough challenge and yet is realistic.

 As a working Mum, juggling numerous hats like anyone in my situation, finding time for me hasn’t unfortunately been top of my agenda.  With Tamsin’s help, that has shifted.  The flexible approach she provides means I can ensure my exercise doesn’t get dropped when something else comes into the diary.  Her expertise and experience shows up in all our sessions – they are tailored, varied and fun – not words I’ve used to describe exercise in the past!

 I’m now at a stage where my PT sessions with Tamsin have become a core part of me valuing me – after all I’m no good to my family, friends or colleagues unless I look after myself.

 Thank you Tamsin for getting me back on track and here’s to achieving the next challenge!”

Sara, Director and Mum of 3