PT Packages

PT Packages

Consultation:  I offer a free consultation where we will discuss your goals, how I can help and what to expect from your training programme.

First PT Session:  This session will involve completion of a lifestyle questionnaire and fitness testing, the results of which will allow me to plan a programme to suit your needs, goals and fitness levels.

Subsequent PT Sessions:  Your PT sessions will be personalised to your individual goals and needs and will be designed to be progressive, challenging, varied but also fun, to ensure you stay motivated whilst getting closer to your goals.

Personal Training packages are available in blocks of 6 x 1 hour sessions to tie in with goal reviews which we will do at the end of every 6 session block.  

Included within your PT package will be nutritional advice and support, home workouts and activity programming for outside of PT sessions, access to the Personal Best closed Facebook Group ‘Women’s Health Matters’  as well as ongoing advice and support via phone or email.